Inanda Greens Office Park,

Johannesburg, South Africa

Facilitating International Business

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Inanda Greens Office Park,

Johannesburg, South Africa

Trade Missions

HBC SA  organises Trade Missions to the Netherlands and Southern Africa. The aim of a trade mission is to offer companies the chance to visit the potential market and explore its opportunities. As a trade facilitator, HBC SA will help you set-up the right meetings with companies in your field of interest, we will organise company visits, we will ensure that the trade mission will give you a better idea of market opportunities.

The advantages of taking part in a trade mission include:

  • Business to Business meetings with prospective business partners
  • Enriching your international network
  • Clearer idea of market opportunities
  • Ideal opportunity for knowledge exchange
  • Potential of attending key conferences
  • Special rates on flights, accommodation, venues, visa’s, specific conference entrance, etc

Company Visits

As part of a Trade Mission, HBC SA organises company visits. Company visit include seeing local business locations where Dutch industry and companies cooperate in the relevant sectors. At HBC SA we ensure that all the visits are located in the whole of The Netherlands so that joining companies can enjoy a wholesome business climate of the country.

Business to Business Meetings

During events, trade missions or trade fairs, HBC SA facilitated B2B meetings. B2B meetings is the most adequate manner in which you can engage with other businesses in meaningful networking discussions with people who are truly relevant for your business, or projects.